1-minute Microwave Quiche in a Mug


At my former job, my coworker was going to the office kitchenette one morning and asked me if I wanted scrambled eggs. I responded with a “o__O face,” wide-eyed, and said, “There’s a stove in that little kitchen?!”

“Um.. no, there isn’t one. I’m going to make some eggs in the microwave… You’ve never done that?” she replied.

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Heh, no. I had never cooked in a microwave, and I certainly had never cooked my eggs in a microwave. I mean, aren’t microwaves solely for reheating leftovers or making popcorn? I seriously thought that until I began making 2-minute microwave chocolate cakes. Then I moved onto microwaving eggs and then making real-deal meals like microwave quiche. Now I’m a believer in the microwave. This microwave quiche recipe features torn crusty bread that acts as the quiche crust. You can add ham, cheeses, and vegetables, too, to create your perfect quiche.

It used to surprise me that the 2-minute microwave chocolate cake was one of Full-thyme Student’s most popular recipes, but now I get it. People love fast and quick foods in single-serving sizes. Why dirty a ton of dishes when you can make everything in one mug? After all, most college students living in the dorms are limited to their microfridges and have zero access to a legit kitchen. Microwave recipes remind me of the days when I used to cook in my Easy-Bake Oven as a child. So, by cooking in a microwave, I get a dose of nostalgia and a decadent single-serving treat, and nothing has ever tasted so damn sweet.

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Here’s what you need for “1-minute Microwave Quiche in a Mug”:


One large egg, grape tomatoes, melted butter, bread, salt, pepper, whole milk (or half and half), grated cheese (e.g., cheddar), and chopped fresh herbs (e.g. scallions).


Cut about four grape tomatoes in half. You can use cherry tomatoes, too. Just don’t leave the tomatoes whole.


Tear some fresh bread up into small pieces, roughly the size of dimes. Pack it into a 1/8-cup measurement.


Grab a mug. Try not to use a really wide mug, because you need the quiche to climb up the sides of the mug and rise. Any good ol’ small mug will do, and make sure it’s deep enough. Crack a large egg in the mug, and add in the milk.


Add the melted butter. You can simplify things by melting the butter in the mug as your very first step, and then you add in the egg and milk. Whatever works for you.


Add some salt and pepper, and grab a fork to whisk. Poke that yolk.


Whisk until no large pieces of egg white remain.


Toss in some cheese.


Then, add these.


And some fresh herbs, please.


There’s no need to mix. The ingredients will settle in their places. You can add the tomatoes, bread, cheese, and herbs in layers to make sure they’re perfectly distributed, if you want.


Place the mug smack-dab in the middle of the microwave, and cook on high for one minute.


Garnish with fresh herbs on top, and serve immediately. Nom nom nom. Are you curious what it looks like inside?


Check it out. The quiche is surprisingly fluffly and souffle-like. Not rubbery at all, since we added some milk and butter. Next time, toss in some swiss cheese, ham, and spinach for a real fancy schmancy microwave quiche. Or, just check out my other recipe for a real deal quiche made in the oven. That works, too.

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