Banana Split Recipe


Some things don’t need recipes. That includes ice cream sundaes and banana splits. But I’ll come up with any excuse to test a recipe over and over again. And I have no regrets making a banana split again and again for this blog post. And I’m under the impression that if you see a picture of food, you’ll be inspired to make it for yourself soon. So… go out to your local grocery store today and grab some ingredients for a banana split party tonight! Every day is Ice Cream Day.

Click here for the recipe for ‘Banana Split’

A banana split is simply a row of ice cream scoops nestled between halved bananas, topped with luxurious whipped cream, enrobed in various sauces (chocolate, caramel, etc.), and always topped with a cherry on top. Feel free to accent your banana splits with classic chopped nuts and whatever else your heart desires. Banana splits are meant to be customized and without fail will always taste delicious!

The traditional banana split will have a scoop of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ice creams, and it’s served in a long dish called a boat. You can also use a gratin dish if you don’t have a banana split boat — gratin dishes are bigger than banana boats, so you can seriously make use of that extra space and add several more scoops of ice cream.

Here’s what you need:


A ripe banana, ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and maraschino cherries!


Lay the peeled banana on its side and halve the banana lengthwise.




Lay the banana halves on the side of the dish, and nestle those gorgeous ice cream scoops in a row.


Grab that whipped cream and make some magic happen.


Chocolate sauce, anyone? Caramel is another favorite.


Pretty? Please. With a cherry on top.


Okay, three cherries. That’s some serious ice cream dessert.

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