Bright ‘n Zesty Mac n Cheese


I’m finally posting this delicious mac n cheese recipe on my blog. I created this recipe for Food52’s recipe contest called “Your Best Fresh Herbs” and it was chosen as a Community Pick back in June! Yes, I know… that was kinda a while ago. If you live in a particularly chilly region of the world, I do not expect anybody to have fresh mint and basil in their backyard right now (it’s winter right now in CA!) However, if you do want to try this recipe, you can replace the fresh herbs with some store-bought pesto. It’ll be just as good… but you’ll have to try the recipe again once basil and mint are back in action. Below is my spiel on how the recipe came about… Enjoy!


You know that scene in “Ratatouille” where Anton is vividly transported to his childhood because of the ratatouille dish? I lived that same moment when I tried “Spring Mac” at Homeroom in Oakland, CA. After my first bite, I relived my childhood all over again: I was plucked from my seat and thrown amongst fields of pungent lemon trees and fragrant herbs. After all, who didn’t roll around in aromatic scenery as a child? Anybody?

Homeroom specializes in mac n cheese, and I knew I had to try to recreate this dish after having it. With no recipe to start from, I only remember the dish had aged asiago cheese, fresh herbs, lemon, and peas. Mint and lemon were pronounced flavors in this dish that I can still taste the brightness lingering in my mouth. This dish works so well — I’m so excited to share it with everybody! Mint, lemon, cheese, and peas are the bee’s knees!


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