Chicken Curry in a Hurry (in under 20 minutes)


This. This is my favorite dish to make. Ever.

It delivers on everything I find important in college cooking: delicious, quick, easy, and filling. In about 20 minutes, you can develop Indian flavors that are insanely bold and comforting. This dish transports me back to my college kitchen with my roommates, if not to my favorite (Americanized) Indian restaurant in Los Angeles.

Click here for the recipe for ‘Chicken Curry in a Hurry (in under 20 minutes)’

This dish has golden raisins, which add a subtle sweetness and pop. They literally pop in your mouth, FYI. If you’re feeling vegetarian, omit the chicken for something else. I’ve made it with pre-boiled cubed potatoes, tofu, and cauliflower, and the vegetarian options work out well. The potatoes may soak up all the curry sauce, so you may want to add either more sour cream or broth if you find your dish too dehydrated.

Unfortunately, I can’t say I made up this recipe from scratch. I gotta thank the great Mark Bittman from the New York Times for developing this recipe. I’ve adapted the recipe into my own, adding a few non-major twists here and there. Please make this. If you make absolutely nothing else I’ve posted on this blog, I would consider you marvelous if you try this dish.

Here’s what you need:


2 boneless skinless chicken breasts, white (or yellow) onion, sour cream(low-fat works here), golden raisins, curry powder, cilantro, green onions, salt, and pepper.


Cut your chicken breasts into 1-inch cubes.


Now slice up the onion. Slices, please. I don’t want them chopped, diced, or minced.


In a large skillet over medium-high heat, add some olive oil, the sliced onions, golden raisins, salt, and freshly ground black pepper.


Stir it, baby.


While your onions are cooking and getting all translucent, season your cubed chicken with some curry powder, salt, and pepper. Mix thoroughly.


Back to the onions. After about 6 minutes, they should look softened and translucent. Now add some curry powder. This will pack a punch. Do it.


Stir it all around and let it continue to develop its flavors for 2 minutes.


Nice. Okay, now push the onions over to their own side of the skillet. It’s time to get serious.


Add the chicken to the pan. Don’t over stack the chicken on top of each other. Make sure they’re cooking on one layer.


Cook the chicken for about 5-7 minutes, moving them around occasionally so that they get browned and cooked. They’re cooked when they’re opaque and no longer pink. Remember, keep those onions on their own side. They’ll mingle soon with the chicken. Give it a few minutes to finish cooking.


Now that your chicken is almost done, add the sour cream. This. This is why I love this dish. The sour cream makes the chicken and the onions love each other. Stir the sour cream around until mixed. Let the ingredients mingle and share the love for about 2 minutes.


Almost fini. Add some chopped cilantro and green onions, too.


Now taste the sauce. Does it taste bland? Maybe? Okay. Add some more curry powder. And salt and pepper, if you please. Not sure how much? Check the recipe below.


Boom. We’re done. Serve it immediately with some white or brown rice. This is the most delicious dish I think I have ever made for the blog.

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