Cranberry Sauce Recipe


I’m not sure the appeal of canned jellied cranberry sauce. It’s frightening. Real fresh cranberry sauce is even simpler than making gravy (click here for the recipe for a basic homemade gravy). Grab some fresh cranberries and sugar, and that’s essentially all you need for the easiest fruit sauce ever to accompany a decadent Thanksgiving meal. You can use fresh or frozen cranberries here. Ignore that can of jellied cranberry sauce next time you’re in the grocery store. This is much tastier.

Click here for the recipe for ‘Cranberry Sauce’

Here’s what you need:

Cranberries, sugar, and water. That’s it! I said this was basic, didn’t I?


Rinse those cranberries well.


In a saucepan, add the sugar and water and bring it to a simmer.


The sugar will dissolve. To this sugary water that’s simmering, add all the cranberries.


Cover it with a lid and adjust the heat to medium.


After about 10 minutes, the cranberries will burst and become this great sauce. Allow the sauce to cool down to room temperature. Serve cold or at room temperature.

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