Easy Mashed Potatoes


No side dish screams “comfort food” like mashed potatoes. Spuds are meant to be mashed with butter and doused in milk or cream. Mashed potatoes can be blended with anything from sour cream to bacon to grated cheese. I’m keeping things simple here and doing the most basic mashed potatoes. Basic mashed potatoes have 3 ingredients: potatoes, milk, and butter. Add some salt and pepper and call it a day, because these mashed potatoes are A-okay.

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Here’s what you need:


Russet potatoes, unsalted butter, and whole milk. Whole milk makes the world go ’round. Also, russet potatoes are the best potato variety for mashed potatoes because they fluff up like clouds.


We gotta peel them potatoes. This part is very mundane.


Peel away. Eeekk, there’s a lot of dirt everywhere.


Rinse the peeled potatoes.


Now we gotta cube the potatoes. Cut them in half lengthwise.


And then cube them into roughly 1-inch pieces.


Throw all the cubed spuds into a large pot and cover them with water. Make sure there’s at least 1 inch of water above the surface of the potatoes. Bring to a boil and cook the potatoes for about 15 minutes, just until they’re super duper cooked.


When they’re super duper cooked, they fall apart easily and mash like a breeze. Just like this. Drain the potatoes.


Dump the potatoes back into the pot they were cooked in. That’ll help evaporate all the excess moisture.


Add lotsa butter. And some milk.


Whole milk, ya hear? Oh, and you don’t really have to warm up the milk before. Some people heat the milk and butter in a pot before they add them to the potatoes. I don’t like to dirty up another pot, so cold butter and cold milk are fine for me.


Using a potato masher or electric hand mixer, mash away. You can try any sort of kitchen gadget to mash them. Just don’t use a blender to whip up the potatoes. You will create glue. Don’t believe me? Go try it.


Add some salt…


And lotsa pepper. Taste it and adjust for seasoning. Return the pot back to the stove and set the heat to as low as it goes. That’ll keep them warm.


Whipped, light mashed potatoes — there’s nothing more comforting. Maybe a bowl of chicken noodle soup, but that’s about it.

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