How to Cook Broccoli


I never understand why broccoli gets a bad rap. When cooked correctly, broccoli is definitely one of the best vegetables. I bet most people who hate broccoli were once served soggy, over-boiled broccoli that was the color of lemon-lime Gatorade. If that description of broccoli rings a bell, I’m sorry to say it but …. you ate improperly prepared broccoli! Yikes! and you have every right to hate that stuff.

Click here for the recipe for ‘Sautéed Broccoli with Garlic and Olive Oil’

Delicious broccoli should always have some snap to it and plenty of flavorful components. Here’s a simple, simple way to prepare broccoli. Boiled broccoli sucks, in my humble opinion. You’re much better off if you cook the broccoli in garlic-infused oil. Anybody agree?

Check out the photos below to learn how to strip broccoli and transform it into a BDD: Badass Delicious Dish.

Here’s what you need:


A head, or crown, of broccoli (FYI: the terms are basically interchangeable), garlic cloves, crushed red pepper flakes if you please, water, and olive oil. Oh, and some grated cheese, of course!


Cutting broccoli can be daunting. It’s much like cutting cauliflower! Click here for my Roasted Cauliflower recipe Cut the florets of broccoli off the huge stem…


Welcome to freedom, Broccoli Florets.


If the florets are too large, just tear/break them in half with your hands.


Now for the gnarly lookin’ stem. Let’s strip off the tough exterior.


The skin outside the stem can be fibrous and unchewable. Shave it off with a knife.


You can even pull the skin off the stem just like this. It’s super fun!


Say adios to the tough skin and toss it in the compost.


Cut the stem into nice little bite-sized discs. Now that we have all the broccoli prepped, let’s move onto flavor.


Grab a few cloves of gahhliccckkk. Peel the skin off.


Slice that gahrrlickk into thin discs.


In a large pan, heat some olive oil over medium heat. Toss the garlic in to flavor that shiz.


Add some crushed red pepper flakes, if you like some spice.


After about 30 seconds of garlic-and-oil infusion, toss in the broccoli. Add a few teaspoons of water while you’re at it. The water will help steam the broccoli.


Cover the pan with a lid. Use aluminum foil, if you don’t have a lid.


After 4-5 minutes, check on the broccoli. Grab a small sharp knife and stab a piece of broccoli. Does the broccoli seem totally tender and soft inside? Does the knife release pretty easily? If yes, then perfecto! Your broccoli is done. Don’t overcook the broccoli. Overcooked broccoli looks yellowish and has the texture of mush. That’s gross.


Stir all the flavor around and allow the broccoli to cook for about 2 more minutes. Let’s serve it up.


Nomnomnom. Before I chow down on this, I think the broccoli needs some cheese… excuse me while I go grate some Parmesan.


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