How to Stock a Kitchen Pantry: A Basic List

You can tell a lot about a person by raiding his/her pantry. I love a full pantry, and the ones with plenty of Oreos, potato chips, and fruit snacks are delicious. However, they’re not very creative.

Instead of loading your pantry completely with processed and packaged foods, consider choosing fragrant dried spices, bold sauces to accompany your veggies and pasta, and diverse dried ingredients to make sweet treats and desserts.

Trader Joe’s has very inexpensive jars of spices, ranging from cinnamon to crushed red pepper flakes, and they’re all about $1.99. Consider TJ’s for your spice needs since their prices are unbeatable.

I’m not kidding when I say you can survive with these basic pantry items. You can pretty much whip up anything. I promise. You can count on it. I bet my entire collection of kitchen utensils on it. (that’s one serious bet, so take it)

Here’s a basic list for you to start your lush pantry:

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