Must-have kitchen tools

While in college, I realized that you don’t need a million kitchen gadgets to survive. This was really hard for me — I love all the Sur la Table gift cards I receive and my Amazon gift list is full of kitchen gadgets (*hint hint* to anybody who didn’t know I had an Amazon gift list) These kitchen tools were the ones my college roommates and I used most frequently and practically every day, so hopefully this list helps you decide what to buy.

If you think you fancy, consider getting an handheld electric mixer and a blender. An electric mixer will help with whipping egg whites for all the souffles you’ll be making, and a blender doesn’t hurt when making margarita slushies. “On the rocks” just doesn’t hit the spot on some school nights.

You’ll have to trust us on this one–we used all of these tools all the time.
And if you doubt that you need a cupcake pan…college boys and college girls all need cupcake pans. There isn’t one college student who doesn’t like a good muffin or cupcake.