Quick and Easy Pasta Sauces


This is part 2 of Beau Hoover’s guest post on cooking and studying abroad in Milan, Italy. He shares quick recipes for two simple pasta sauces: “Meat and Veggie Tomato Sauce” and “Pancetta Zucchini Olive Oil Sauce.” Click here for part 1 to read about Beau’s time at Luigi Bocconi University!

*photos credited to Beau Hoover


Beau is a fourth-year Economics student at the University of California, Los Angeles. He has traveled to 26 countries and 5 continents, he’s fainted a total of five times, and he’s a two-time North American Mountain Unicycle Champion. He shares his experience cooking while studying abroad in the pasta capital of the world: Italy.

As I mentioned earlier, I ate a ton of pasta while abroad. While my pasta-cooking skills didn’t improve, my pasta sauce-cooking skills certainly did. Kenneth and I were up to the challenge of developing homemade sauces, and despite what you may hear from Italians, it is very possible to purchase cans of pre-made pasta sauce in Italy. Here are a couple of go-to sauces that we frequently created:




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