Candied Yams with Marshmallows


Candied yams are glazed jewels in buttery brown sugar, topped with toasted marshmallows. With a hint of cinnamon for zing, these candied yams are so delicious and amazingly simple to make. When choosing your yams, you want red-skinned yams — they’re tubular shaped. I’ve seen recipes that use canned yams. If you can’t find fresh yams, then I won’t hate you for using canned yams. Just make sure you drain them before you use them in the recipe!

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Here’s what you need:


6 yams, light brown sugar, mini marshmallows, butter, and ground cinnamon.


Unfortunately, these root veggies need to be peeled. Grab a peeler.


And peel away.


Yams will be yams. They have this ugly little nub at the end, so just chop it off.


Cut the yams into 1-inch pieces.


Toss the cubed yams in a large pot with water. Make sure there’s at least 1 inch of water above the surface of the yams. Let the pot come to a boil, and cook the yams for maybe 10-15 minutes.


When cooked properly, the yams should NOT fall apart and crumble. They should still be firm, just like this. When you stab them with a knife, there’s still just a tad bit of rawness in them. It would take forever for the raw cubed yams to cook in the oven, so that’s why we need to pre-boil them.


In a large casserole dish, dump in the cooked yams. And sprinkle in some cubed butter. There’s no need to grease the casserole dish before!


Sprinkle on some brown sugar. Nom. Now that looks good.


And some ground cinnamon. Without this stuff, you’ll be missing some serious depth to your candied yams.


Toss that all around with a spoon.. or a butter knife, like I use here.


These yams are already starting to glaze themselves in deliciousness.


Okay, just a tad bit more brown sugar on top… and bake that dish for 15 minutes in an oven preheated to 375 degrees F.


After 15 minutes, that just looks amazeballs. But we aren’t done..


We need to dump a ton of mini marshmallows on top. Like, literally everywhere on top. Leave no inch untouched with marshmallows, k? Return it to the oven and bake for about 10 minutes, just until the top looks toasty. You’ve made s’mores before, right? Bake til the marshmallows look kinda like a campfire marshmallow.


Ta-da. Warning: this dish will make everybody accost you for the recipe.

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