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Tzatziki Sauce

Tzatziki, pronounced za-ZEE-kee, is a (very) refreshing Greek sauce served with gyros. It’s made of strained yogurt, so you can either strain … Read More →

Polenta Cakes

If you ever have left-over mashed potatoes or polenta, the best way to finish it is to create some patties and fry … Read More →

Greek Orzo

Doesn’t that just look like rice? Isn’t orzo just amazing? Come on! Rice-shaped pasta. I’m not sure what I love more. Rice-looking … Read More →


Sometimes we need a change from mashed potatoes, rice, and bread. We need a starchy side that will please our carb cravings. … Read More →


It’s hard to find good salad dressings these days. Sometimes dressings are too gloppy and rich, and others just don’t pack enough … Read More →

Chocolate ‘Cookie Butter’ Cookies

Has Speculoos (aka Cookie Butter) replaced Nutella as college students’ preferred creamy spread? Does everybody even know what Speculoos is? Think of … Read More →

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