Orange Slice Jello Shots


All of my recipes are made with college students in mind. Obviously.

But seriously, could this recipe be meant for anybody but college students? This is the recipe all you college students have been waiting for. Forget the boring Jell-O shots in plastic cups. If you want a Jell-O shot that will be the conversation of next Thursday’s party, you’ve got to try these. Got a BYOB party soon? Make these. You’ll be a hit. (at least I hope) I do promise these orange slice jello shots will start at least one conversation for you at the next party.

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These jello shots don’t take that much longer than regular jello shots. It’s not that hard to hollow out some oranges and load them up with some alcoholic gelatin. Save the fruit you scoop out for something like Fruit Smoothies, a salad, a cake… anything. You can load hollowed oranges with your favorite jello shot recipe using any kind of alcohol you prefer, such as vodka, white rum, and tequila. I’ve gone with classic vodka here. You can also choose a different jello flavor besides orange. But we are trying to replicate natural orange slices here, so I’ll stick with orange flavored jello.

Btw, there is some debate about what the perfect ratio for jello shots is. It depends whether you like firm jello, jiggly jello, super alcoholic jello…. I’ve stuck with 1 package of jello + 1 cup of boiling water + 1 cup alcohol + 1 cup iced water for a nice wiggly jiggly jello that is firm enough and just perfect. Add less iced water for a firmer jello, or add more alcohol if you’re looking for trouble. Please serve responsibly.

Here’s what you need:


Some oranges, 1 package (6 ounces) orange flavored Jello, water, and liquor.


What kind of liquor should you choose? Well, that’s up to you. I’ll be using vodka. Go for Crystal Head Vodka if you can afford it, or go for cheap store-brand vodka if you roll that way. Also, aren’t these adorable?!


Now, for your oranges. Get some plain ol’ medium-sized oranges. Opt for the right one that isn’t on steroids and has a nice smooth bottom. Nix the left one. I don’t know what creature that is.


Now lay the oranges on their sides, with the stem end facing outwards. Cut the oranges straight down the center to make two perfect halves. It’s like you’re cutting through the equator rather than through the prime meridian, ya know? Don’t screw this part up.


Now we have to scoop out the flesh. Use a spoon with a thin, sharp edge. Run the spoon along where the flesh meets the pith (the white part) of the orange. Go all the way around in a circle to loosen the flesh completely from the shell.


Now pop it out! Don’t be breaking/tearing the orange shells on me, please. Be gentle.


Sometimes you’ll get it out perfectly like this, especially if it’s the orange half with the stem end.


As for the other half of the orange…


It might take a little more effort than just one scoop to remove all the flesh.


Use your spoon to remove that extra stuff, if you please. That’s sort of ugly, but we’ll manage.


Your orange shells will need to be held steady in place somehow so we can pour the jello mixture in the shells. Grab some foil.


Roll some foil into a nice log.


And make a ring of foil. Pinch the two ends together so you have a foil bracelet-looking thing.


Just like this. Your orange shells will hold in place so they don’t tip over when you try to fill them. If you have small bowls to hold your shells in place, that works, too. You can also use tea cups. You have a tea set, don’t you? Or use a cupcake/muffin pan. Place it all on a baking sheet so it’s easier to transfer to the fridge.


Time for the jello! In a large liquid measuring cup, empty the jello package and add 1 cup boiling hot water. No cuts around this. I need you using a liquid measuring cup, or something with a pour spout, at least. Also, you must use boiling hot water. We need to dissolve the powder. Mix it all around!


Once the jello powder is totally dissolved, add your B.O.C. = booze of choice.


Mix, mix, mix, mix.


Now, grab some icy cold water. If you don’t have ice, just use super cold water. Measure out 1 cup, pour it into the jello mixture, and mix until everything — the jello mix, the booze, the water — is totally combined.


Now start loading up them hollowed orange shells. Pour slowly at first til you got a rhythm goin’.


Fill them just until they touch the very lip of the orange shells. You’re going to have to transfer the baking sheet to the fridge, so don’t make it too hard for yourself. Spillage = no bueno.


After at least 2 hours in the fridge, your jello will be nice and firm. 2 hours is the absolute minimum for chilling these orange slice jello shots. Any time less than that will just be too soft to slice through.


Now grab a long knife and cut each orange shell into thirds. Here’s the little trick to cut them. Don’t drag your knife back and forth trying to saw some slices out of the oranges. Press down once with your knife and you should end up with an unbroken orange slice jello shot. This is why it’s useful to use a large knife.


ONE CHOP! Just. Like. That. omg, can we eat them now?


Omg, yes we can. I hope to see these at your next party. Remember: Please serve responsibly.


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