Traveling Mr. Potato Head

My best friend is named Gnocchi. He’s a tiny, but fully functional, Mr. Potato Head. He’s traveled with me everywhere. He’s like the notorious gnome from Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain, but with way, way more swag. He lives up to his name well — he is a plump potato dumpling with a delicious personality. 

Check this page from time to time to see where Gnocchi travels next!

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Oh, ya know. Just chillin’ at the Louvre à Paris.


Waiting for the Bastille Day Fireworks show. I. Am. So. Excited. Holla!

San Francisco, the best city in the world.

San Francisco, the best city in the world.


Beautiful balconies in Barcelona. Ohhhh. Tongue-twister.


Hang loose, brutha! Wait, sorry, this is Barcelona. Not the Hawaiian Islands.


Oh hey, Gaudí. That’s a unique-lookin’ building you got there.


Yay! Barcelona Cathedral.


Oh Jeez Louise. I found the Sagrada Família..


…and boy are the mosaic windows beautiful inside the Sagrada Família.


You know what’s as beautiful as the Sagrada Família? The FOOD in Barcelona. Bombas and croquettes are my favorite.


Nothin’ like a full view of the city.


Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. I wanted to swim in the waterfall, but it was forbidden. Darn.


Catalonia is just gorgeous.


A visit to Barcelona isn’t complete without a stop at La Boqueria Market. From fresh meats and veggies to tapas bars, this place is deliciously alive.


Don’t forget to buy a cup of freshly pressed juice! Coconut juice is the best.


Mind your manners. Always wave to people on small paddle boats.


I can’t help myself. I love telescopes.


And FOOODDDDD. More food. Patatas bravas, anybody? Nom. Wait a minute… I’m a potato, I shouldn’t be eating potatoes. Doesn’t that make me a potato-bal?


Okay, hold it right there. Y’all gotta visit Prague, ya hear?


This is right where the Velvet Revolution happened. Go non-violent demonstrations!


Ahoy, I’m at the castle in Prague.


You guys.. the CASTLE OF PRAGUE! I’m so happy.


I’m so so happy. Next round of Pilsners on me!


Oh man. I really shouldn’t be doing this. Oh well, too late.

Legoland in Billund, Denmark. I love miniature things!

Mount Rushmore made of legos?! Impossible.

A very rainy pathway in Cork, Ireland.

My first rugby game! It’s a very interesting sport. Even more so when it’s rainy and muddy out.

Inside a rainy bus in Ireland. Does it ever stop raining?

Okay, it doesn’t always rain. And it’s beautiful at University College Cork (UCC).

The River Lee in Ireland when it’s not flooded.

Hello, waterfall at Blarney Castle. How do you do?

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